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Megan Herdman

                                            PhD Student

Email: megan.herdman@monash.edu       

Project Title
The study and evaluation of bismuth(III) phosphinates as antibacterial materials in cellulostic matrices 

Supervisors: Prof. Phil Andrews
                       A/Prof. Warren Batchelor
                       Dr. Melissa Werrett 

Project Description
Bismuth(III) phosphinates have been shown to exhibit antibacterial activity towards multi-drug resistant bacteria. Through incorporation within a cellulosic matrix, the aim is to produce antibacterial materials to combat the increasing resistance seen in bacteria towards current treatments.

Courses and Conference Attended
OZOM10 (10th Australasian Organometallics Meeting)           2017
ACCC6 (6th Asian Conference on Coordination Chemistry)

Education Background
Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Science2012-2015

Research Interests: Bismuth-based antibacterial agents
                                  Cellulose-based materials