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Shaun Ang

PhD Student
B. Eng (Hons) (Chemical)

Project Title
New Functional Printed or Coated Materials based on Cellulose Nanofibres 

                     A/Prof. Victoria Haritos

Project Description
The ultimate aim of this project is to develop cellulose nanofibre films from Australian virgin or recycled fibres to be used as paper composite coatings for copy paper wrapper applications. Cellulose nanofibres have remarkable barrier and strength properties for use in high value packaging areas. The use of this paper-based coating could potentially combat issues of poor recyclability, otherwise associated with separating plastic or biopolymer layers from base sheet substrates.

Education Background
Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours - Hons I) in the field of Chemical Engineering, Monash University

Employment Experience 

Visy Industries, Intern

  • Spearheaded fluidized bed boiler sand project for retrofitting sand recycling systems
  • Optimized fluidizing conditions in furnace with strong plant operations experience
  • Facilitated sieve analysis of boiler sand across life cycle of operation
  • Developed Request for Proposal for vendors to supply and upgrade sand system
  • Distinguished key cost issues and target modifications to boost separation efficiency
  • Innovated the use of prototype density windsifter to separate oversized rejects
  • Introduced revenue stream of $100,000 a year from potential sale of sorted aluminium
  • Generated savings of $500,000 per annum from sand erosion tube repair avoidance costs

Feb 2015 - June 2015

Australian Paper, Intern

  • Facilitated flocculation analysis with PEI and POLYDADMAC polymers
  • Developed a flotation method for separating lignin using pH control to generate dry foam
  • Performed extensive literature review on alternative industrial uses for black liquor
  • Collaborated with 4 international team members for project management

Dec 2014 - Feb 2015

Research Interests: Cellulose nanofibre applications