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Scot Sharman

Technical Officer
B App Sci(AppChem), GradDipTheol

Project Title
Preparing an Effective Wet Strength Agent that Remains Repulpable

A/Prof. Warren Batchelor and Prof. Gil Garnier

Project Description
Boxes made out of Paperboard, are used to transport perishable food in refrigerated containers to Sth.East Asia and being. Refrigeration produces a high humidity atmosphere. Upon opening the refrigerators at the destination port it is found that the bottom boxes of a stack have failed under the compressive load. The aim of this project is to prevent water vapour from weakening the box board, but then be able to recycle the box board in water.

Su, J., Mosse, W.K.J., Sharman, S., Batchelor, W., and Garnier, G., - Paper strength development and recyclability with polyamideamine-epichlorohydrin (pae), Bioresources, 7(1):913 (2012). Paper.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Applied Chemistry), RMIT  1990
Graduate Diploma in Theology, Melbourne College of Divinity

Other Experiences


Research Interests
  • Wet Strength Resins
  • Repulpability