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Paper structure and strength

Paper structure and strength

My publications in this area

See also the following two theses completed by my students.

Derrick Wanigaratne- "Investigation of an alternative technique to measure fracture toughness of paper". 

  • Derrick developed a new method of measuring sheet fracture toughness
  • PhD thesis accepted on the 11th of January, 2005. 

Jihong He- "Quantitative Study of Paper Structure at the Fibre Level for Development of a Model for the Tensile Strength of Paper". 

  • Jihong developed a new method for analysing fibre shape and orientation in the sheet and then used the information to develop a model for the tensile strength of paper. 
  • PhD thesis accepted on the 29th of November 2005.

Kaustubh Joshi- "A new technique to measure Shear Bond Strength"

  • Kaustubh developed a new method to measure the shear bond strength of fibre-fibre contacts by weakening the fibres with HCl gas exposure to the point where all the fibres across a fracture line broke.  At this point the fibre strength is equal to the strength of one bond. 
  • Masters of Engineering Science (Research) thesis accepted on the 21st of June, 2007.