Hui Hui Chiam
Master Research Student

Topic: Investigation of fibre-fibre bonding and effect on sheet mechanical properties

Supervisors: Dr. Warren Batchelor and A/Prof. Wei Shen

Sigappi Narayanan
PhD Student

Topic: Development of laminate structured adsorbents using papermaking techniques

Supervisors: Dr. Warren Batchelor and Prof. Paul Webley

Praveena Raj
PhD Student


Supervisors: Dr. Warren Batchelor and Prof. Gil Garnier

Rosiana Lestiani
PhD Student

Topic: Measurement of Lint Dynamics in Offset Printing; Printing press imaging and analysis

Supervisors: Dr. Warren Batchelor 

Paul Banham
Master Research Student

Topic: External Master by Research at Norske Skog Boyer

Supervisors: Dr. Warren Batchelor 

Zhiyong He
Master Student

Topic: Cellulose nanofiber membranes for oil-water separation 

Supervisors: Dr. Warren Batchelor and Assoc Professor Xiwang Zhang

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