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Matthew O'Connor

PhD Student
B. Eng (Hons) (Chemical)



Project Title
Environmental trade-offs between water and energy in treatment of pulp and paper industry effluent streams

Dr. Warren Batchelor and Prof. Gil Garnier

Project Description
Due to an increased interest in environmental performance, many pulp and paper companies are setting strategic and tactical environmental performance targets. Effluent management is a critical aspect of pulp and paper mill performance as large consumers of energy and water. 

The objective of this PhD project is to develop a methodological framework that uses Life  Cycle Assessment (LCA) and process modelling for the evaluation of effluent management options, on the technological level, operating level and at a company wide strategic level. 

This project will:
  1. Link operation and process conditions to environmental performance
  2. Identify critical environmental indicators of effluent management
  3. Identify environmental tradeoffs at operations, technology and company-wide levels of decision making
Work will look at two major themes; water and energy. Integration of geospatially variable data into LCA modelling will investigate how company wide decision making can be affected by environmental impacts.


Conference Proceedings

O'Connor, M., G. Garnier , and W. Batchelor. 2012. The trade-off between water and energy in water recycling of pulp and paper industry effluent. Paper presented at 66th Appita Annual Conference and Exhibition: People, Productivity, 

O'Connor, M., W. Batchelor, and G. Garnier. 2011. Environmental impact improvement throughdynamic modeling of treated urban industrial effluent coupled to urbanirrigation. In Chemeca 2011 (39th : 2011 : Sydney, N.S.W.). Barton, A.C.T.:Engineers Australia.

Courses and Conferences
2012 - 66th Appita Annual Conference and Exhibition: People, Productivity (Melbourne)
2011 - Chemeca 2011 (39th : 2011 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
2010 - GCH3610A - L'analyse du Cycle de Vie - Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

                   Doctorate of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering 
                     Monash University, Clayton, Australia
                      Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (Honours)
                      Monash University, Clayton, Australia 
Industry Experience
Process Engineer - Oil and Gas
Process Engineer - Continuous Improvement Energy Projects

Research Interests
  • Environmental assessment
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Process mass balance reconciliation
  • Process simulation