Hui Hui Chiam

Hui Hui Chiam
Master Thesis
B. Eng (Hons) (Chemical)


Project Title
Investigation of fibre-fibre bonding and effect on sheet mechanical properties

Project Description
Fibre-fibre bonding is one of the major contributing factors in paper strength. It is important to quantify the fibre-fibre shear bond strength in order to investigate their effects in sheet mechanical properties. However, there are difficulties in obtaining the measurements and different approaches have been taken by other researchers.

Joshi et al. reported a new method to measure the fibre-fibre shear bond strength more accurately from the acquired strength after acid gas exposure. The main concept of the work is that the fibres were weakened independently of the bonds in a sheet of paper using acid vapour until all the fibres break across the fracture line. The bond strength is then calculated from the fibre strength, as measured by the zero span tests, at the point where the fibres first are weakened such that they all break. The major advantage of the new method is that the results are representative for a paper as a whole as it measured the bond strength which accounts for a paper network instead of single fibre measurements. However, the new method does have some potential weaknesses such as the bonds are potentially weakened due to the hydrochloric acid exposure.

The aim of this research project is to study the assumption of acid gas technique. In addition, the extension study with this technique is to expose the previously loaded sheets to acid gas in order to investigate bond degradation prior to fracture. This can be done through the study of the stress-strain curve during the failure of paper to understand the modes of failure of the bonds. The results will be compared with the modelling work developed to analyse the load distribution along a fibre in a nonwoven network using shear-lag type transfer at discrete points which the model was used to calculate the load distribution along a fibre in a loaded fibre network later. Lastly, the effect of strength aids on paper will also be studied. 

Varanasi, S., H.H. Chiam, and W. Batchelor, Application and interpretation of zero and short-span testing on nanofibre sheet materials. Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal, 2012. 27(2): p. 343-351. Paper

Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours) in the field of Chemical Engineering, Monash University 2010
Master of Engineering Research, Monash University

Other Experiences
Frontken Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia
Industrial trainee
  • Assisted in projects aimed to improve metal surface
  • Studied the etching rate of quartz, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminium in mixed acid solution and nitric acid solution
Nov 2008 - Jan 2009

Research Interests
  • Modes of bonds failure under loading
  • Strength additives