Sonya Rand

Sonya Rand- "Linting of Filler in the Offset Printing Process"

  • Sonya investigated several techniques for measuring filler content in the paper surface.  The most reliable technique was found to be Backscatter SEM.   No strong correlation between surface filler content and lint in offset printing was found.
  • Masters of Engineering Science Minor thesis Accepted May 2004.
  • This web version doesn't include several minor corrections recommended by the examiners.

Chapter 1- Introduction and Chapter 2- Literature Review

Chapter 3- Experimental method

This is the main chapter.  Sonya evaluated a number of methods for measuring the filler content on the paper surface.  These methods are trialled, evaluated and discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 4-Results and Conclusions, Recommendations for further work, References and Appendices.

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